The first PainKiller ScoreBOT


So you have fired up mIRC and you are in #my-scorebot on [You favourite IRC Network here].

A PainKiller match between Vo0 and zyz is about to start on your LAN server (you are a really lucky person). The dedicated server is running on and you have installed either PiTaBOT Server Mod or PK++, which are needed to support PiTaBOT 1.0. Let's go:

Start PiTaBOT with the following options:

> pitabot.exe #my-scorebot

PiTaBOT v1.0 RC2 * PainKiller scoreBOT

       developed by PiTaGoRaS (

PK server to #my-scorebot with 0 secs of delay
(press 'Ctrl + C' to terminate)

*** PiTaBOT v1.0 RC2 started ***

Server: My server (Duel)
Players: 2/2
Map: DM_Sacred
Timelimit: 15
Currently playing:
      fnatic\Vo0 score: 0 latency: 12
      SK|zyz score: 0 latency: 10

Server is in WARMUP mode, waiting...

You should see this in the channel #my-scorebot also. The scoreBot will now wait until the warmup mode ends and then start retransmitting the match. It'll show the timeleft every minute and a final 10 secs countdown along with the result.

Since version 1.0, you can choose between two styles of retransmission, the classic "playerA killed playerB with weapon" or the PainKiller style frag messages "playerA swallowed playerB's rocket". To configure this, edit the config file and look for the variable Cfg.showPainkillerFragMsgs which is set to true by default.

An example of the output:

[ ... ]

[13:42] SK|zyz (-1) has proven that life is short
[13:38] fnatic\Vo0 (1) killed SK|zyz (-1) with rocket
[13:20] fnatic\Vo0 (2) killed SK|zyz (-1) with rocket
   13 minutes left
[12:56] SK|zyz (0) killed fnatic\Vo0 (2) with rocket
[12:53] fnatic\Vo0 (3) killed SK|zyz (0) with grenade
[12:25] SK|zyz (1) killed fnatic\Vo0 (3) with stake

[ ... ]

IMPORTANT NOTE: if your server is not running the Server Mod nor PK++, PiTaBOT will automatically default to work in old mode, where the scorebot will be much less featured (you won't be able to see the weapon used in a kill in example).

The bot will end by itself when the match finishes unless you supply the -r (remain connected) option in the command line or have Cfg.RemainConnectedToServer = true in the config file. You can also stop the bot at any time using the classic hotkey 'Control + C'

Take a look to the following section.



Command line options:

> pitabot [-r] [-v] [-c N] #channel serverIP:port [mircIP:port]

-r [--remain] remain connected to the server between matches
-d [--delay] number of seconds to wait before sending messages to IRC
-c [--color] use mIRC color N [0-15] Default is 4 (red)
set this parameter to -1 to avoid using colors

#channel IRC channel where the match is going to be transmitted
serverIP:port IP address and port of the PainKiller server
mircIP:port IP address and port where the mIRC script is listening
Default is

-h [--help] Show this help

The parameters between brackets are optional:

-r means that the bot will be fully automatic. Give it a server and an IRC channel and forget about the bot. It will report all the matches played on that server until you close.

-d is used to specify a delay in seconds to send the match log to IRC. The idea on this is to avoid the possibility of a player to "cheat", since PiTaBOT offers important information like when the items are picked up and someone may be seeing the game and timming the events for some of the player(s). It's disabled (real time) by default.

-c allows you to change the default color used in the text sent to IRC. Don't like red? OK, select another one from the 16 colors available on IRC or set this to -1 to disable the colors. There is a small JPG inside the ZIP file which shows all the color codes.

Please note that bold will still be used.

mircIP:port This is a little tricky to explain. Use it only if you know what you are doing. Supposing that, for example, you need to run PiTaBOT in one machine and the mIRC script in another, just put here the IP and port of the second one. The default port is 31337 (UDP), so use it unless you've editted the pitabot.mrc file.


PiTaBOT config file:

Edit the file PBconfig.ini to permanently save some or all the available settings. If a required option is left blank you will have to supply it via the command line (this ALWAYS have preference over any setting configured in the file).

Take a look at the config file to see a description of every variable available.


Adverts System:

This is merely intended to be used on tourneys where you need to announce some message(s) every N minutes on the retransmission channel. In example, sponsors, tourney home page, brackets, etc. Please, don't abuse this system or the spectators on IRC may be annoyed.

To setup your own adverts edit the file IRCadverts.txt.

Note that by default it's disabled (AnnounceEvery = 0). Every line on the file not starting with a '#' is taken as an advert. All the adverts are repeteadly shown in sequential order on the IRC.

There are a few decoration codes you can use:

text normal
<c>text in color</c>
<b>text in bold</b>
<c><b>text in color and bold</c></b>

Copyright (C) 2005 Oscar Hierro (PiTaGoRaS)