The first PainKiller ScoreBOT


There are a little error messages that you can see while running PiTaBOT:

* The program says Wrong 'parameters' and shows the help.

You probably forgot some parameter. Remember that #channel and serverIP:port are always REQUIRED.

* ERROR: The PainKiller server did not respond

Self explanatory, there isn't a PainKiller server running on that IP:port or at least your machine can not reach it. Try again a few times, if it goes on failing check your network connection and any firewall that may be blocking the traffic.

* ERROR: The server is online, but his query port (3578 UDP) is not accesible

A PainKiller dedicated server uses two communications ports. The first is the game port, used to connect to the game, and is 3455 UDP by default. The second, and not less important, is the query port, which is always (gamePort + 123) UDP and is used by GameSPY, The ASE and also by PiTaBOT. So be sure that no firewall is blocking the traffic to this port or the scoreBot won't be able to work.

* ERROR: The server is running version 1.35 of PainKiller, 1.61 is required

PainKiller dedicated server previous to version 1.61 didn't report correctly the player's frags along with some other needed info. So there is no way to make PiTaBOT work with versions < 1.61 Well, I haven't tested with 1.5, but who plays that sh** anyway?

* WARNING: This server is not running PiTaBOT Server Mod or PK++! Using the old less featured scorebot (version 0.68)...

The given server is not running the new Server Mod needed by PiTaBOT 1.0. The scorebot will still work, but in the classic mode, much less advanced (like the version 0.68 did).

* WARNING: This bot only supports 1 vs 1 matches!

If you are running PiTaBOT 1.0 against a server without Server Mod nor PK++, only 2-player matches can be retransmitted. To avoid this limitation try to contact with the server admin and ask him to install PK++.

* WARNING: This bot only supports 'Duel' and 'Team DeathMatch' game modes!

The same applies.

* Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: PiTaBOT

Make sure that the file 'PiTaBOT.jar'' is in the same directory of 'PiTaBOT.exe'.

* PiTaBOT: header check failed (data: [...] )

Maybe you are using a very rare charset? Please contact me with all the details and I'll try to solve it as soon as possible.

* Other kind of Java Exception...

Oops, bad luck, this shouldn't happen. Please, drop me an email with the details.


Copyright (C) 2005 Oscar Hierro (PiTaGoRaS)