The first PainKiller ScoreBOT


* What is PiTaBOT?

PiTaBOT is the first ever fully functional PainKiller scoreBot. It's currently able to report duels and team deathmatch to an IRC channel.

* How does it work?

PiTaBOT is mainly a Java application that queries a PainKiller server every second and tries to do its best to guess how the match is going. It's able to detect frags, suicides, items picked up, game chat, timeleft, map changes, warmup mode, overtimes and a few other things. PiTaBOT sends the action log to a mIRC script which relays this info to the given IRC channel.

Since PiTaBOT 1.0 a Mod is required to be running on the PainKiller server in order to support the advanced features. Otherwise there will be the same limitations as in version 0.68.

* So, what do I need in order to run PiTaBOT?

Since PiTaBOT is written in Java, you'll need for sure the Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. If you haven't done so already, download JRE (Java Runtime Edition) from:

As Java is a platform-independant language, you may also run PiTaBOT on other platforms, like Linux. Nevertheless the mIRC script obviously needs mIRC, which currently only works on Windows (well, there exist emulators...). Fortunately, the way it is designed makes it possible to run PiTaBOT in a machine and the mIRC script on another, providing that both are connected by a network.

Another possibility is to implement your own relay script for your favorite IRC client in any programming language you like. I can assure you that the code would be fairly easy, just take a look at the mIRC addon. If you need more help about this, please contact me.

* May I retransmit more than one PK match simultaneously?

Yes, you just need to run a instance of PiTaBOT for each match you want to report. Only one mIRC running is needed, but don't forget that more than two scorebots at the same may have you disconnected from IRC because of flood. You can use multiple connections to the same or differents IRC Networks simultaneously with just one instance of mIRC and have PiTaBOT retransmitting on all of them.

Copyright (C) 2005 Oscar Hierro (PiTaGoRaS)