The first PainKiller ScoreBOT


I suppose you already have the Java Virtual Machine installed. Read above if you haven't.

First, uncompress the content of PiTaBOT's ZIP in some folder. Now copy/move the file PiTaBOT.mrc located in the 'IRC' folder to your mIRC installation directory (i.e. C:\mIRC). We are going to setup this one first:

Open your mIRC client and load the script by typing this on any window:

/load -rs pitabot.mrc

If everthing went right, you should see a success message. Now your mIRC is ready to start reciving the match log. Don't forget to join the retransmission channel before starting PiTaBOT!

Next, open a DOS window (Start -> Run -> 'cmd') and change dir to where you installed PiTaBOT. Once there, you can use the included executable:

> PiTaBOT.exe [parameters]

If you are running other OS than Windows, you'll need to execute the Java JAR:

> java -jar PiTaBOT.jar [parameters]

If the system reports 'java' as an unkown command, then you should reinstall the JVM or check the enviroment variable PATH.

IMPORTANT: PiTaBOT.exe must be always in the same directory as PiTaBOT.jar!

Now play a bit with the command line options. Type -h or --help to see the program help. It's very easy and intuitive, so you should get used to it in a matter of minutes. You should also take a look at the PiTaBOT config file named PBconfig.ini where there are also additional settings to configure.


Server installation instructions

Starting with version 1.0, PiTaBOT includes a server mod (a program designed to run into the PK server) which has to be running in order to be able to use the new features. Fortunately, the PK++ team has included my code into their great mod, so if you have PK++ installed and running on your server you are already done with this part.

If you plan to run PiTaBOT alone with the vanilla server, just copy the included LScripts.pak file into the Data directory of your dedicated server, replacing the existing file (WARNING: please make a backup of this file first!). Then start the server as you'd do normally and you should see a message on the console indicating that it has been successfully loaded.

To disable PiTaBOT you can either uninstall it (by recovering the original LScript.pak) or just edit the file config.ini and search for Cfg.PiTaBOT. Set this var to 0 to disable.


Copyright (C) 2005 Oscar Hierro (PiTaGoRaS)