The first PainKiller ScoreBOT


version 1.0 RC2 - 06/April/2005

  • Improved scorebot: now it shows weapons used, items picked up, game chat and other game events (*)
  • Possibility to choose between classic and PainKiller style game frag messages (*)
  • Now supports Duel and Team Deathmach game modes with more than 2 players (*)
  • Added config file to permanently store PiTaBOT settings
  • Added option to retransmit matches with N seconds of delay (default is 0)
  • Added adverts system to show sponsor/tourney/other ads on IRC (disabled by default)
  • The mIRC script now supports multiserver: you can retransmit to multiple channels simultaneously on diferent IRC networks with just one instace of mIRC running
  • Refactored source code into different classes, more organized

(*) This new features requires the PainKiller server to be running the new PiTaBOT Server Mod (which is also included in PK++)

version 0.68d - 25/February/2005

  • Fixed the mIRC script removing some valid characters from the match log
  • Fixed channels with more than 9 characters in name not being accepted (introduced in 0.68c)

version 0.68c - 25/February/2005

  • Changed header check method, now it should work with all the charsets
  • Updated README

version 0.67 - 23/February/2005

  • First version released to the public
  • Added support for overtimes
  • Added join/part/nick events during game (not on warmup)
  • Various small fixes

version 0.65


Copyright (C) 2005 Oscar Hierro (PiTaGoRaS)