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Finally, PiTaBOT 1.0 RC2 released

This is the Release Candidate 2, which at all effects, is like a final version. There are a lot of new features, as some of you already could see on the retransmission of the CPL WorldTour finals between Vo0 and Zyz. One of that matches was surely one of the best I've ever seen!

Check the the changelog for more info. Also don't forget to read the updated instructions to use the new PiTaBOT :)

By PiTaGoRaS - 06/April/2005

PiTaBOT 1.0 almost finished!

PiTaBOT 1.0 RC1 is ready to debut. I'm sorry for not being able to upload this version to the repository, but trust me, I've been making changes to the code until now and I'm travelling to Turkey in a few hours ;) Hope all works fine...

The final version will still need a few days of work to polish some details. The PK++ team has already released PK++ 0.9 which includes the PiTaBOT server mod, necessary to use the advanced features of the upcoming version.

Here we go Istambul!

By PiTaGoRaS - 23/March/2005

Good News ;)

A quick note to say that I'm currently working on PiTaBOT 1.0 and it's definitely going to have a lot of improvements. No more boring retransmissions on IRC, now you'll almost live the match! A picture is worth a thousand words:

Hopefully PiTaBOT 1.0 will make his debut on the CPL World Tour @ Turkey ;)

I'd also like to thank the PK++ team for their help and support, we are working together to make the upcoming PiTaBOT fully compatible with this great mod!

More news coming soon!

By PiTaGoRaS - 08/March/2005

PainKiller 1.62 is out!

This is just to let you know that, after the preeliminary test, PiTaBOT seems fully compatible with the new PainKiller patch 1.62. I'll take a deeper look to see if there is improvements in the dedicated server that allow more features to the bot.

Stay tunned.

By PiTaGoRaS - 25/February/2005

New version released to fix locale problem

There exists a potential bug that may cause PiTaBOT to fail when being used on a system with some specific charsets, like for example the russian (cyrillic alphabet). If you don't see the match log on IRC but PiTaBOT seems to be working properly, you are probably suffering this problem. In this case please try the version 0.68c available in the Download section.

There isn't any other important changes, so if PiTaBOT 0.67 works for you, there isn't need to download this fix.

I'd also like to thank GroundZero from for his patience helping me to debug this problem :)

UPDATE: Due to a little bug in the mIRC script, the version 0.68c has been updated to 0.68d. If you downloaded the previous version, please upgrade PiTaBOT.

By PiTaGoRaS - 25/February/2005

The first PainKiller scoreBOT released

Finally PiTaBOT has been released to the public!. Although it isn't a final version, it currently works quite well, as we could see in some PainKiller tournaments, like Aunarena or PKeuro Duel 3. I'd like also to say sorry to everybody who was waiting for the bot to be released a week ago, it couldn't be for various reasons.

Please read the documentation before atempting to use PiTaBOT. If you find some serious problem contact me via email or IRC (see the About section).

I'll be happy to hear from you. Enjoy it ;)

By PiTaGoRaS - 23/February/2005

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